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From clients

Helen was assigned to my case and was the most amazing Occupational Therapist I’ve had! Helen has a very friendly professional manner, she worked hard getting a routine set up for me, along with helping me in many other ways.
Dayle, Client

Through her hard work, immense experience and wonderful friendly manner this lady helped bring me back from the depths of despair. She supported me in every way possible. She was always at the end of the phone offering comfort, explanations, putting things into perspective as I was at the time a very irrational thinker. I also lost a lot of cognitive ability, Helen was amazing at finding the right way and words to help me understand the various stages of court proceedings, rehabilitation, medical appointments and correspondence – you name it, she was with me every step of the way.  She has a wonderful gentle but very powerful way of dealing with people on your behalf.
Gillian, Client

From other professionals

Helen has a very detailed, systematic, organised and person centred approach to devising treatment plans and she works exceptionally well within the multidisciplinary team.  I am always thrilled to find out that Helen will be working into a team when I am instructed to work with a new client because we work very well together and I greatly value her skills, knowledge and extensive experience.  I have witnessed Helen go above and beyond for her clients, and it is no surprise that clients thrive in their neurorehabilitation with her skilled and knowledgeable input.
Clinical Neuropsychologist

I have worked with Helen for many years and am always delighted if she has capacity to work with my brain injured clients. She produces clear, well structured, treatment plans and goals, she works well in multi-disciplinary teams and always works hard to support our clients to achieve the very best outcomes. Helen has excellent clinical skills and is able to form excellent relationships with clients and families. I do not hesitate to recommend her to colleagues.
Case Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Helen for over a year.  Helen is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable occupational therapists that I know.  Her depth of expertise is matched by her kindness, thoughtfulness, and genuine care to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  I am delighted to personally recommend her.
Dr Aria Campbell-Danesh

Expert in Behaviour Change and Long-Term Health, dr-aria.com

I worked closely with Helen Kolster for 8 years and greatly admire her extensive knowledge base, dedication and professional integrity.  Helen is able to motivate clients to attain their goals.  Her engaging personality and sense of humour make her exciting to work with and easy to build a rapport with.  She is creative in her approach and is a respected expert in her field.  I would highly recommend Helen to anyone looking for a neuro OT.
Clare Dowling

former Case Manager

Helen has been a Trustee of Headway Tyneside (formally Headway Gateshead and South Tyneside) for many years. During this time Helen has been extremely diligent and has used her clinical experience to aid the growth and development of services for people with brain injuries.  She is a real asset to us!
Alistair McDonald

Chairman, Headway Tyneside

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ellie for her ongoing commitment to our client and his progression towards greater independence.  This has been a very challenging year and continuity for our younger clients has been imperative for enabling confidence during a very worrying time.

Case Manager

It is the best OT report I have ever read.  Detailed, considered and thorough.
Clare Blackbourne

Case Manager, Holistic Case Management

My client has made such progress with her financial management as a result of your hard work. Much of her progress is testament to your work with her, thank you again.
Sally Murphy

Senior Associate Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell LLP

I have worked with Sharon for a number of years with a particularly challenging client. Sharon develops therapeutic rapport very easily and is not phased by any issues presented to her. She is proactive and sensible in her approach which reduces the need for myself or the clinical team to intervene and manage problem solving. Sharon provides thorough and helpful feedback following her sessions and has been an excellent addition to MDT’s providing on the ground updates. I would not hesitate to work with Sharon again, she is excellent.

Abbie Udall

Case Manager, AU Associates

I have worked with Helen for almost five years on several brain injury rehabilitation cases. Helen is an absolute safe pair of hands with clients. She is methodical in her approach to rehabilitation and provides robust clinical reasoning, outcome measures and goals for clients. Helen is not phased by challenges and proactively and often very creatively, is able to support my clients to find a way forward. Helen has an excellent skill of seeing the client as a whole and can draw her view back to see the bigger picture and what rehabilitation is trying to achieve. Helen provides a huge support to case managers and the MDT and is always on hand to discuss challenges and queries. She has an excellent reputation within the North East personal injury field and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Abbie Udall

Case Manager, AU Associates