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Neuro OT Ltd. take very seriously the responsibility for protecting your privacy and as such are a registered data controller with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that data controllers provide information to the people they hold data about explaining how their information is used.¬

How and what information do we collect?¬

The information we collect and process may be obtained via telephone call, email, letter, during a meeting or a session with you. ¬†Neuro OT Ltd. will ensure that the information is only used in accordance with this privacy notice. ¬†The information we collect includes: ¬
  • Name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth¬
  • Next of kin details and an emergency contact number
  • Family contact details
  • Contact details of all other professionals working with you including any Support Workers¬
  • Running records of contact we have with you or anyone involved in your rehabilitation by email, telephone call, text message, sessions and meetings. ¬†Within the running records there may be information recorded which is important to your rehabilitation programme including entries regarding:
    Р Finances
    Р Lifestyle and social circumstances
    Р Personal life
    Р Beliefs
    Р Race
    Р Offences
  • Health information relating to your injury, care and treatment including your mental and physical health
  • Reports or updates from others who also provide your rehabilitation and care including health professionals, Support Workers and family
  • Training and development records of Support Workers.¬

Why do we collect and process your personal information and under what lawful bases?¬

We collect and process your information in order to provide a service to you. The information we collect about you is used to:
  • Complete a professional assessment, report on your needs and maintain records
  • Provide your rehabilitation and work with others in doing so¬
  • Make informed decisions about your rehabilitation and/or legal case
  • Share with relevant parties, for example, other professionals working with you, line managers/supervisors, your GP.
We process your information under the following lawful bases:¬
Consent: We will ask for your consent to process your personal data in order to provide a service to you
Contract: A contract will be put in place setting out our Terms and Conditions of Business
Legal obligation: We may be summoned to Court and be required by law to provide personal information about you
Vital interests: We may have to share your health and personal details in a medical emergency
Legitimate interests: We may be required to share information about you for your safety or the safety of others¬

How do we store your data?

Neuro OT Ltd. will maintain the confidentiality of all your personal information in line with relevant legislation and the best practice guidelines of our professional body.¬Your records will be kept in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2016 and Information Commissioners Office (ICO).¬Records will be saved securely as the property of Neuro OT Ltd. for a minimum of seven years.¬

What are your data protection rights?

  • The right to be informed:This right is met by the provision of this privacy notice
  • The right to access: You have the right to request copies of your personal data.¬There may be situations whereby not all information is provided if a relevant health professional deems that the information could be harmful to you or someone else
  • The right to rectification: You have the right to request that any information you believe to be inaccurate is corrected
  • The right to erasure: You have the right to request your data to be erased from our records, unless we are operating under a legal obligation
  • The right to restrict processing: You have the right to restrict processing of your personal data, for example, if you believe it to be inaccurate.¬If you have previously provided consent you have the right to withdraw this
  • The right to object to processing: You have the right to object to processing of your personal data, under certain conditions, for example, if we are operating under a legitimate interest
  • The right to data portability: You have the right to request your data to be transferred to another organisation or yourself.

How do I make a request to Neuro OT Ltd?

If you would like to exercise any of your rights email Neuro OT Ltd. at Admin@NeuroOT.org. Neuro OT Ltd. will respond within one month.¬

How to contact the appropriate authority?

Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that Neuro OT Ltd. has not addressed your complaint in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the Information Commissioners Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF.